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In support of previous report of Liss Caldwell | Liss Caldwell promotes herself as; | Liss Caldwell claimed author of Ability Corp series (Initiation, Adaptation and Transformation). No physical books exists as of February 2020. | Claimed toured US, UK, Canada & Japan promoting book. The only evidence found of book tour is visiting shopping malls in US with Fall for Indie Authors as an MC. | Liss Caldwell sold out UK tour. A favourite tagline used since printed advertisements in The Echo newspaper as far back as 2012, Liss has claimed touring internationally year after year. Tickets always sell out in 24 hours. There seems to be no evidence with photos, venues, ticket sales, audience sharing online or on her own website to verify these tours. | Liss Caldwell facilitates writers to authors, with ‘Ink your Story, share your book’ and retreats at The Torr, Bexhill. Acting as a coach for authors because she claims she is a published author. No books written by Liss Caldwell can be found anywhere. Not on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or all good books stores. | Liss Caldwell Grace Halfpenny. Others have claimed she uses a fake account, Grace Halfpenny, to give her Facebook posts credibility, give reviews and verify what Liss is saying in Facebook groups to make her seem legitimate. | Liss Caldwell Northern Rivers Networkers. Runs a networking group in the Northern Rivers to connect and collaborate but just self promotes her own pages and business. | Liss Caldwell Digital Marker. Claims of international tours as above, no proof of any tours can be seen online. Genrecon cancelled her speaking event in 2019 and local community collages removed information from their websites. Her own website is ‘unsecure’. Her own book promotion, post on one page and share across all pages she has created, seems to be the extent of her marketing skills. | It is recommended anyone thinking of giving Liss their money to first take a critical look at her online presence. When I questioned where I could get a copy of her book, I was told to ‘follow her CaldwellLiss and stay in the loop’. That is what I did and what I found did not back up her claims. In my opinion what I found was very low quality and unprofessional, especially considering the fees she is charging. I am fortunate to have been tipped off by someone else and looked a little closer at her claims before I invested money . I urge others to do the same.

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