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Beware of Lion Stock Knives

In May of 2015, I ordered a Custom made Achilles Karambit Knife from Lion Stock Knives online. I was initially told by business Owner, Ethan Green. that there was an approximate turn-around time of seven weeks. I agreed and promptly paid him $180 via Paypal. By July 31, 2015 I had not received the knife or heard back from Ethan Green after multiple communication attempts. I then opened a Paypal claim against Lion Stock Knives for failure to send items paid for. Almost immediately, Ethan Green sent me a message via Facebook stating that the knife he made for me was nearly finished and he had some personal issues come up. I agreed to close the Paypal claim in good faith that he would follow through with his end of the arrangement. This was a mistake. Almost 1 month went by and I still did not receive the knife or hear back from Ethan Green. After making many more communication attempts and no reply from Ethan, he finally sent me a facebook message on August 29, 2015. He stated that his phone was “mangled” thus the lack of communication. He also stated that the knife was complete and sent me 4 pictures of it and stated that it would be mailed out the next time he went to the post office. Ethan never sent the knife and ignored all further communications from me until I texted him on November 25th, demanding that he refund my money. He rudely replied that I had to be patient because his life was “Upside down”. He has ignored all further communication attempts with him to this day (12/19/2015). I don’t understand why he did not ship me the knife he continually stated was complete or why he did not refund my money that he has likely already spent. Buyer Beware. I have placed reviews of his company on Youtube which can be found by searching for Lion Stock Knives. I have put a review of his company on and can be found by doing a search for Ethan Green.

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