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Beware of Lightspeed Resumes

John Reid of Lightspeed Resumes was found harassing competitors in an effort to harm his competitors resume writing business and divert traffic to his own company. | John Reid was found proven guilty to the writing of over 20 harassing email and chat messages including vulgar sexual messages, hate speech, and even death threats to his competitor and his competitors family members. | From January 2019 – March 2019 John Reid of Lightspeed Resumes also was found leaving fake 1-star reviews on this particular competitor. We have found more than 30 fake 1-star reviews written by John in a two month period of time. | Between the harassing messages and illegal fake 1-star reviews, John Reid has partaken in various illegal and even criminal activities. | John Reid is not working alone. With the help of Donna Svei – Founder of resume writing company Avid Careerist and Wendi Weiner – Founder of resume writing company The Writing Guru, this group has shamed the entire resume writing industry with their scandelous and illegal actions intended to intimidate, and drive out their competition. | Who knew the resume industry was so cutthroat?

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