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Beware of LG Electronics

I recently had my LG 50 inch model #50LB6100 start flickering. It shows a blank screen and will buzz in and out to the source. I cant even pull up the menu on the T.V. Now I called the place i bought it from and they said the manufacturers warranty was up by 1 year. This T.V cost me close to $600.00 brand new, So i figure i might as well get if fixed it shouldnt be that much. Well i called the manufacturer and they told me there service plan is $244.00 and that covers them “diagnosing” the t.v and if it needed parts that would be covered to an extent. I figured i might just call the local LG authorized in fixing this thing. I did, I told him what the T.V was doing and he said,”weve seen this alot before with this model its some part that is going to cost you $550 to replace it”. So i called LG back and asked them if the part the servicemen was covered under there $244.00 repair plan and the lady told me “no you will have to pay for that part + $244.00 and it would be fixed. | So total spent on TV $600,+244.00 ‘LG Service” + the $500.00 part = $1,344.00. So basically It would be cheaper to buy a new one. Just not the same brand. I have a Westinghouse T.V that is about 10 years old, It is still working perfectly fine the picture is even nicer than the LG. The customer service representitive told me that “we are not responsible for any HUMAN ERROR. Well I can tell you one thing is A) This TV is not a Hand made peice of art B)Im pretty sure a human did not install anything on this T.V except the screws. C) LG makes one horrible TV and for them to say it was a human error and they are not liable for that, Im out of luck, With a giant LG paper weight sitting in my living room now. When buying a T.V Do Not buy LG they clearly make horrible T.Vs, Dont be afraid of the T.V if it is a weird brand like Westinghouse, odds are my T.V would have still be working if, the salesman would have said dont worry about breaking the bank on this P.O.S when you can get one that might be an off brand but does the same exact job i would buy it instead. As far as LG i think there company is destined to fail if they are producing tvs that break right after the warranty is up. These TV’s are clearly a rip off.

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