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Beware of LG Electronics

I purchased a $1,000 LG front-loading washer in 2010. Two years ago, it began to rust around the receptacle in which you add detergent, bleach and fabric softener. The rust has spead so widely around the entire receptacle area and under the top of the machine that I actually put my finger through it! I am told this is a “cosmetic” problem, even though rust flakes spill into the recptacle cups after each wash and I have rust stains all over my clothes. | I have written and called the company repeatedly, including a PR manager. Each time, I was told that this is a cosmetic problem and not covered under my extended warranty. The last time I called, in September 2016 to renew my extended warranty, I was told this type of warranty cannot be renewed again because of the age of the machine. | Be that as it may, I bought this pricey machine to replace a perfectly good 1980s Whirlpool washer that had come with the house. | Never once did the old machine rust. | I have babied my LG washer, rarely using bleach and, when I do, using a funnel to put a bleach-water mixture in the receptacle so it will not come in contact with the metal. I air out the machine between uses to prevent mildewy gaskets. I have not done anything to warrant this extensive rust problem and can only guess that it is a design flaw. | I am so disappointed that a very expensive machine that is barely seven years old is rusting so badly and ruining my clothes. I want this washer replaced by the comapny or a new top put on free of charge.

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