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Beware of LensCrafters

As a past customer, LensCrafters has been routinely emailing me promotional advertising; the more recent one stated that “you were here for us, now we (LensCrafters) are here for you.” Generally, their ads offer special discounted eyeglass sales in their promotions. Over the years, I have bought 2 pairs of glasses from LensCrafters. | One pair, which I wear all the time, had become partially occluded from a filmy protective covering they put over the lens. This covering has affected the clarity of my vision by creating splotchy spots on the lens. So I contacted a LensCrafters shop at Tyson’s Corner Mall, VA, to ask them if they would replace the defective lens. | I was not asking for a free service. Their staff was curt and adamant about my need to provide a new prescription before they could do it. Now, I told them that I don’t need a new Rx because my most recent annual opthomologist exam indicated no change in my vision. | Moreover, I was not asking for a different lens but rather only a replacement of my existing lens for which they have my Rx in their files. In short, the LensCrafters eyeglass lens had degraded over time because of the deteriorating covering that they placed over the lens. Apparently their above advertising was insincere because “they were not here for me.” | I had contacted their Luxottica Customer Care division on the matter but have received no meaningful reply. I would recommend that when seeking eyeware, new or replacement, that you patronize other Companies who have more customer-friendly practices. Contrary to their advertisement, LensCrafters is “not there for you.”

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