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Beware of Lenovo

I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 310 with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 included for an additional $219.99, but when the laptop was delivered I could not activate Microsoft Office. Found it extremely difficult to contact customer service and eventually pressed a phone menu option to place an order to try and talk to a person, which worked. | Lenovo then sent me to tech support, who told me Lenovo could not provide Microsoft product keys. They said to activate Microsoft Office on my new laptop I had to sign into Microsoft, but when I tried I got the message; “The account isn’t associated with this Office product. To activate this install please sign in with the account associated with your product.” | Tech support could not help me connect over the phone, so Lenovo customer service said they’d send me to their MS experts, who sent me an email with a troubleshooting hyperlink and instructions. I clicked the troubleshooting hyperlink, and laptop said there was no problem. Instructions said to restart and I tried that, no change. | I called Lenovo to request a refund, and ask about returning the laptop for a full refund. Was told I could not return the laptop until tech support told me I could, and even then there are no refunds for Microsoft Office products. They gave me the number for Microsoft customer service. | I called Microsoft customer service and described what happened when I tried to activate the products I purchased by signing in to my Microsoft account, and they told me Lenovo installed trial versions, not purchased versions, which could not be activated without a product key (which Lenovo said they could not provide!). | I provided a screen shot of my order and invoice as proof of purchase, and am now awaiting a call back from Microsoft “Level 2 Team” with product key(s) that will allow me to activate the software. | Lenovo failed in their customer service – they should not have been so difficult to contact, and they should have allowed me to easily return a product with which I was unhappy. | Lenovo failed in their order process – it should have clearly stated what they could provide and what they could not. | Lenovo failed in their business ethics – they should never have claimed to be able to sell Microsoft Office products when they could not provide product keys for customers who had problems activating software, or alternatively should have provided refunds for products that could not be activated.

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