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Beware of Lend Plus

Last year I contacted Lend Plus because I needed a mortgage in the Orange County area. I spoke to an loan office who assured me that i would be approved, filled out the paperwork and though everything would be fine. Days go by and they tell me they need more money for fees which I paid. | All together more than $5,000. I called and called and never heard from them again. I contacted their CEO Jacques Poujade who assured me that everything was fine and the agent was out of the office. Nothing happened, called Jacques over and over and never heard from him or anyone else from the company again. | I later found out that they had changed their name from Tri Emerald to their new name due to so many law suits. Their CEO is notorious for bouncing paychecks and makes up his own blogs tooting his own horn so that the bad google searches dont appear. | Stay far away from this place- they will take your money and you will never hear from them again

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