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Beware of Lemon Squad

I relied on your expertise of hiring a professional person to inspect an out of state vehicle. From the actual report : The car arrived June 1 but was not driveable. As soon as I started it up the engine stalled, the check engine light came on, the SMT warning light came on. I immediately took the car to a nearby garage. They had it 9 days but never got the opportunity to look at it. So. I take it to the Toyota dealership. They hook up the scanner and found 3 codes P1646 –> Transmission control ECU malfunction P0860 –> Gear shift module communications circuit P0191 —>Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance The shift actuator was leaking and needed to be replaced -Cost: 4835.00 The inspection was completed May 24th or 25th, but Because we were buying several states away and the car had to be shipped, we didn’t receive the car until June 1st. The 1st garage had the car until June 14th and never looked at it so we didn’t know what was even wrong until the Toyota dealership looked at it on the 14th. We contacted Lemon Squad about the issues and received this response : No one asked LS to fix it- we simply want a refund.

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