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Beware of Leisure Getaways Incorporated

Contacted by Leisure Getaways Incorporated (LVI), representative via telephone. Asked if interested in getting out of timeshare. I have a fixed week unit, not vacation club points, every year usage. Phone solicitor told up front my ownership situation. Was asked to attend dinner at Longhorn steakhouse, Covington, LA, where presentation on ways to get out of timeshare would be presented. Told that for $2900 plus $649 in transfer fees, LVI would assume ownership of my timeshare for a total of $3549. When we sat down with notary to review contract it was disclosed it would take up to 180 days to do transfer paperwork, which would put finalization past first of year 2016, which would mean maintenance fees for 2016 would need to be paid, and I asked Mark, agent representing LVI, if they would be paying fees and taxes, if transfer paper work was not finished before January 1, 2016, since processing of transfer was a internal administrative function on their part, and we were entering into the transfer agreement tonight, which was September 27, 2015. | He said no, that I would be responsible to pay the fees and taxes on 1/1/2016 if transfer was not complete by 1st of year. I said there is no way, I am paying you over $3500 for you to take my timeshare, and then pay $760 in fees and tax’s January 1, if you drag transfer out, which I know you will do. I was P.O.’d they had wasted my time, because I made it clear to Mark, in the beginning I wanted transfer done before end of year, and he knew what I wanted. A few days later, I get a call from LVI corporate office in Spring, Texas. From company representative Troy Bowermaster, and he stated I see you attended one of our seminars last week, and got to the contract table, and backed out. Would you mind telling me what the issue was for you changing your mind? I told him of my closing timeline expectation before first of years, so I would not be responsible for fees and taxes. He said let me talk to my manager and call you back. | He called me back saying the manager was willing to lower the cost of taking my unit to $2000 plus the $649 in transfer fees for a total of $2649 versus the $3549 negotiated at the restaurant. As I said he knew I had a fixed week unit in Legacy Resorts, Kissimmee, FL, not a vacation club membership or points system. He also put in contract, ” if unable to complete transfer by 1/1/2016. LVI will pay unit fees and Taxes”. There was no misunderstanding on his part what I owned, and what my intention was. Also, being a timeshare transfer professional, he should have known Timeshare industry laws against trading or negotiating fixed week units for points, or vacation club memberships. There were timeshare industry guidelines adopted in 2010, that gave owners at the time to transfer fixed unit ownership into points system, or club membership. If owners did not covert at time, then they could not transfer out in future, and would have to sell or transfer unit to a new owner. I never was presented with this opportunity from Legacy Resorts. I have only found out about this recently from a RCI representative working with Legacy, who also disclosed the contract LVI made with me was fraudulent and against timeshare industry rules . | After being told this. I sent my contract to another industry representatives, and after review, he said I signed a contract to buy a vacation club, and there were no guarantee that LVI had to assume of transfer my timeshare unit, because they used internal words club membership instead of unit. They also submitted contract via, doc u sign, online service, which presents contract in a deceptive out of context presentation. With Louisiana being a civil law state, and dealing with interstate commerce. The means of engaging in the contract are deceptive, and misleading. It was never my intention at any time to buy a LVI vacation club membership, but to transfer ownership of my fixed week unit to LVI. All representatives of LVI knew my intentions and used deceptive contract wording presented in fractured format to mislead me into signing a LVI Vacation club membership. I intend to file a complaint with the federal trade commission, as well as the Texas Attorney generals office against LVI for deceptive, and misleading contract negotiation practices, in violation of timeshare industry laws and rules. This report is to let timeshare owners beware of any contact from LVI, trying to engage you in a timeshare exit strategy seminar at a stake restaurant . They are selling vacation club memberships. They will use deceptive wording and word tracks to deceptively sell you a vacation club membership. If you are wise stay away from LVI.

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