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Beware of Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC.

Immigration lawyer nicklaus misiti is a stupid son of a b***ch. Not only is he a terrible attorney, but he seems half-retarded as well. He couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag, let alone in an immigration court. He has the personality of a platter of cold cuts, only less exciting. His knowledge of immigration law is virtually zero considering the moron has only been in practice for 1 year, having graduated law school in approximately 2010. Yet nick misiti fraudulently and arrogantly proclaims on his website in false advertising that he is the “number 1 immigration law firm in new york.” do you really want a lying sack of sh*t like this representing you in front of the courts? All the immigration judges know he is a f*cking con-artist and swindler, and no one trusts him, not even his clients. See the other Yscam online here and you will know what i mean. If you are suicidal and want to not only be deported but be killed in prison as well, hire this dumbsh*t. Otherwise keep moving and hire someone else who has more knowledge, integrity, and experience. And if you have already been conned into hiring this doushebag, please immediately do a charge back on your credit card, file a fee dispute with the nycla fee dispute committee at 14 vesey street, new york ny 10006 tel (212) 267-6646, and file a disciplinary complaint against him for fraud with the departmental disciplinary committee first department, new york, ny 10006 tel (212) 401-0800 right away, to both get your money back, and to send this c*cksucker back to the gulag where he belongs.

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