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Beware of Larry Beacham Enterprise LLC

On 09/08/2016, I entered into a contract with Larry for consulting services. I paid 1/3 of the invoice, as agreed. Larry was to begin the review, anaylize and provide feedback to my speaker video. He missed the first appointment. Stated sister in law and mother in law were in the hospital. So 2nd payment is due and he request payment. I communicated that he had not lived up to his 1st appointment, nor had he reviewed the video so I was not going to pay the 2nd deposit. He went on to state that he was going to suspend the contract until I paid him and left several inappropriate voice messages. I responded with “as of today, I’m terminated the contract. There’s no need for suspension, please refund my money. This took place on 10/07/2016 (30 days after the 1st payment). So I requested a refund and he said withing 30 days from 10/7. When I requested the refund, he stated he didn’t have the funds and to give him a minute. Time proceeded and I continued to request my money. Then he removed himself from Facebook (temporary). | There was alot more to the conversation over time. I’m giving you an overview. I have the entire print-out of our conversation and the recordings of our conference call and the harrassing calls he made to me requested his second payment.

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