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Beware of Lakeside Apartments

If anyone has a dog or Cat don’t let it outside. Your dog or cat will die. I live at Lakeside Apartments in Lisle, IL who claims to be dog lovers. | I was taking my dog out one day and some old rusty truck in my lot spraying all over the grass the person yelled put your dog back in the house he got very short with me and told me it was a poision that helps the grass live longer. It was not safe for my dog or cat to be out for about 24 hours. I almost shit my pants. My dog always goes out after eating, so I can go to work like everyone else. | I got home that day and my dog was gone. I had this dog for over 3 years. My heart is gone. This fucken place has to be stopped. They do things there own way and don’t care who they hurt. I have gotten an attorney and called Chuck Goudie and the ABC7 I-Team. I sent my video and have them look at my apartment to see if it is up to date. If NOT its time someone stood up to this place. | Lakeside Apartments | 4800 Lake Trail Dr | Lisle IL, 60532 | 630-874-1744 |

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