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Beware of Lake County Towing

I just want to report a few things I do not know how much they are getting away with but I used to work for them I quit because of a situation with a football player broke down on 75 with 3 kids after I mentioned who he was. then he wanted to go grab another truck that was big enough to haul the whole family and then one of charge him an extra 150 cash these people are not good business people let alone Fair people on this people and loyal people I walked away for many of reasons but one reason was because of the ignorance that they had four people the lies they would tell people the lies they would tell you guys about why we ain’t on seeing yet When Calls were late they would call you guys and tell you that customer wasn’t on scene try to get a Goa then when you call back again they will try to get a new po they would tell us to add on anything we could possibly add to the call they would text us in a angry manner if we would actually jumpstart a vehicle when it was supposed to be a tow they would lie to people they would lie to you guys about the car not starting go back through some of your customers that said car was clicking but wouldn’t start put a survey into some of your customers on how many people got toes recently from Lake County Towing that when they took to the garage or the dealership that all it was was a dead battery I promise you you guys have lost thousands of dollars a month | I’m reporting them for good faith I’m not reporting them to get back at them or anything in that manner I’m reporting them because I had to sit there and tell some poor little older lady that I had to lift her up in my truck and lie to her that I could not jump start her car and I had to tell them some crazy story about it’s a liability if we would jump-start them if we were there for a tow they are robbing you guys blind I’ve had already reported this to GEICO and they are following up as we speak I suggest you guys do the same cuz I’m going to keep on reporting these guys until they are shut down it’s not fair to you guys nor is it fair to The Villages these older couples the ones that pay out of pocket it’s just not fair I’m trying to do the good thing here and I promise you if you guys look into this you will see how much money has been stolen from you guys thank you I also wanted to make a couple notes there has been a guy that accused them of stealing a duffel bag out of a car in the boss is the one who stole the bag so watch it and I also over here things there’s somebody in there that they are paying under the table cash to send them a lot of calls The Ripping everybody off thank you for your time

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