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Beware of La Salle University

La Salle University is a very corrupt , bigoted , racist and sexist and is the absolute worst in Philadelphia .Four habitual insecure liars ,low- lifes,a**holes , and scumbags named Kathy Aikens, Dorothea Cox, Brianna Royal and Sara Easquarello all told lies about me and falsely accused me of harassment when I was in a social work 240 class taught by Professor Janine Mariscotti who is a charlatan of a professor and the worst professor in the entire college allowed myself and other male students to be harassed and bullied by these women which includes Tyanna Thomas –Sneed and Carla Beatty along with their large clique of hostile female friends and when I assertively defended myself I get suspended . This is a class which was predominately female with only 3 males in it and I got temporarily suspended after a farcical and laughable excuse for a hearing was held by Karen Zenilman and TiRease Holmes who are part of the student life department. The four women cowered out and did not even show up to the hearing or display any interest in it and still they listened to their mendacious, ridiculous and false claims, while Professor Janine Mariscotti blatantly violated Title IX of the hearing process and unfairly influenced the outcome of the hearing. I was granted an appeal hearing which was also a complete farce and sham by an all Caucasian hearing board lead by an unprofessional incompetent fat idiot named Alan Wendell which was incredibly rushed and decided on in less than 24 hours instead of the customary 72 hours. Despite the overwhelmingly convincing new evidence that was provided which would have revoked or altered the outcome of the first hearing it my appeal was still denied. Brother Robert Kinzler who was my “advocate” was also very nasty, rude, and ignorant and seemed to believe all of these lies. | This college should be sued out of existence because it is filled with corruption, incompetence, and is very shady. Do not waste your precious time or money enrolling in this place, because there are far better colleges that provide quality and level of education that is greatly transcendent and superior to La Salle University. I am an honor student and I will finish my college education and attain a masters or higher in my major because I will be implacable and relentless in this pursuit of this accomplishment. The people in student life ,public safety ,and student conduct are very crooked, sexist , dishonest, and gullible and will believe a bunch of bitter insecure, liars ,and morons over what is factual ,and plausible and should all be fired . I have even flied a report to Amanda Guthorn and Karen Zenilman the following students : Kathy Aikens , Dorothea Cox, Sara Easquarello, Tyanna Thomas –Sneed and especially for Brianna Royal for making threats to me and getting up to fight me in class in late April 25th ,2018 and nothing was done . If you are a male student please do not take any of Professor Janine Mariscotti’s classes because she is a misandrist along with the women in her classes who are very hostile, towards male students. This woman even told me that I should stop participating in her class because the female students think that I am superior to them when participation is over 10 % of the grade. She strongly favors female students over male students and is very prejudiced, sexist, disingenuous disrespectful, and inept at her job. There are plenty of colleges that I can transfer too than this low class dump of a college called La Salle University hence this is why I am writing this RIP Off Report review to expose this place for what it is . | Kathy Aikens even had her spineless, broke pu**yboy , b***hboy , coward ,loser ,emaciated Ethiopian exchange student ,d***hbag ,fa**ot , and jacka** of boy toy Brian Civil watching and trying to stalk me to make false reports . This college is essentially high school 2.0 and has a very , misandrous racist, biased, and sexist bureaucracy that discriminates against people who are male , engenders bulling are minorities ,and who even people with psychiatric disabilities .Professor Mariscotti constantly made derogatiory ,sexist ,racist and disrespectul remarks to me said that she would prevent me from reenrolling back into the social work major and said that they can prevent students from graduating in the Social Work Department at La Salle University despite them getting exceptional grades .

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