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Kissing It All Goodbye Ysleta Johnson 1340 Cog Hill Drive Fort Worth, TX 76120 817-795-5801 (cell) 817-795-5802 (home) | I am having trouble getting a list of items that sold and complete payment for my 2 estates sales conducted by Kissing It All Goodbye, run by Ysleta Johnson. All communication and agreements were with Ysleta Johnson. There were so many items, Ysleta choose to have 2 sale dates, both held at 414 Lynda Lane, Arlington, Texas. The first sale was November 20, 21, 22, 2015 FIESTA WARE for everyone, Vintage designer MCM furniture, JEWELRY. Diamonds, platinum, pearls, 14kt. sterling silver, ladies Rolex two tone w/ diamond bezel and dial, high end vintage and new costume, ALBUMS, High end wall art. 6 panel signed silk screen, oil paintings, etchings, Vintage clothing, hats, purses, and shoes, Vintage and antique books, Quilts, Vintage lamps, Incredible selection of vintage kitchen, Tools, Vintage light fixtures, Copper cookware, Tons of cast iron, Seasonal, Collection of world globes, Collection of vintage and antique fans, Ford Econline Van, Sterling silver flatware sets The second sale was December 19, 20, and 21, 2015 PRE WAR VINTAGE FIESTA WARE.. 75% OFF, Vintage 12.5ft.Mercantile counter, TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS, MCM furnishings and furniture, Project Pieces, Vintage Cameras/ Projectors, Tons of Kitchen, Large Wall Art, Vintage Toy Room, Musical Instruments, Home Decor.. New and Vintage, Albums, Bedroom Furniture, Clothing W/ Vintage Children’s JEWELRY, Luggage, Outdoor Iron/ Stone Patio Furniture, Seasonal File Cabinets..W/ Vintage Butterick Cabinet, Stainless Steel Whirlpool S/S Refrigerator, MCM LIGHT FIXTURES, Collection of Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Pewter Antiques, Vintage Record Player, Vintage Die cast Red Line Johnny Lightening Hot Wheels, Craft Supplies, Garage Shelving Units, Bicycles, Vintage Working Large Kitchen Appliances | The contract was signed on 10/15/2015 and states: “Records and receipts: Payment. Within 10 business days after the conclusion of the sale we will make available to you a written summary of the Estate Sale results showing the gross sales proceeds, itemized fees and expenses deducted, and the net proceeds distributable to you.” Ysleta estimated that I could have $40,000 to $50,000 in sales; this was prior to including many of the jewelry items including the ring which sold for $5,500 and the Rolex which had a minimum of $3,000 (net of commission). As of 1/25/2016, I have not received a list of items sold. I was told that on higher priced items, she would only take 10% commission and other items the contract states 25%. She verbally told me the following things sold for a certain price: Diamond Ring $5,500, stereo $900, and worktable $900. Many other things sold but she did not tell me the price on everything, these are just the ones that I remember. Based on my pictures and what is left in the house, I have an estimate of what the sales should have been. The fine jewelry totaled $13,000, plus the ring which was sold for $5,500, and a Rolex watch which had a minimum of $3,000 (net of her commission). The ring was the only piece which she called to confirm I would take a price under the asking price of $6,000. | I estimate the other items in the house to have sold for at least $15,000. Based on these numbers of $36,500 in sales, I estimate she owes me $29,000. She has put me off on many occasions saying she needed until Sunday 1/17/16 to complete the list of items sold. By Thursday 1/21/16, she still could not find the time to send me the list or to meet with me. She offered to send me payment thru Chase Quick pay and email the list of items sold. She sent me $5,000, which is the daily limit of chase quick pay, on 1/21. On 1/22 I still did not have the list of items sold, I ask her to send me another $5,000 and the list. She sent me another $5,000 on 1/23. I still have no list of the items sold and she has not sent me any more money. I have told her she owes me between $25,000 and $30,000 for the last several weeks and she has never questioned me on that amount. She could owe me more. She left several things at my house for weeks after the sale. By the time she wanted to pick these things up, I was really concerned about the situation. I had received a call from one of her previous customers that was not getting paid and had even received a NSF check from Ysleta. I also had read a terrible review on Yelp (basically detailing exactly what was happening to me) for Kissing It all Goodbye which was dated 11/26/15. | Based on all of these things, I have refused to let her get these things until she pays me. On Tuesday 1/26/2016 Yselta texted me stating ‘I have the first sale synopsis complete and the second one probably tomorrow.’ She wanted to come get her things from the house at Lynda Lane on Thursday. I told her that she could once I have the lists and she paid me. She said that I had been more than paid for the first sale. I told her I don’t know what was sold in the first vs. the second sale since I still do not have a list. She said that what she had in the house ‘was not valued anywhere close to 10,000, which you already have.’ I said you still owe me significant money. She said – ‘according to you I do. The fact still remains that you cannot legally hold my and clients property’. The then indicated that there were significant dispute issues and that ‘until Square releases the funds from dispute to me, I can’t supply that to you. If we lose disputes, I lose that money. It’s as simple as that.’ That was the first time I had anything about disputed charges. I don’t know what items are disputed or the disputed amount. But this fact is completely irrelevant to the getting the list of items sold and what documenting what she owes me. I need to know what is being disputed and the item in dispute needs to be returned if the dispute is lost. | However, I have a feeling all of this is a lie. She said the person that bought the Rolex said she wanted to return it because it was not keeping time accurately. By the time she told me that, she had taken it for the repair which I never authorized her to do. The repair shop does have the watch, which has been repair for a repair bill of $550, but they can not release the watch to me. And I honestly do not want to pay the $550 repair bill but I would if I am going to lose the watch and get no payment from Ysleta. As of 2/4/16, I have not heard from her since that Tuesday 1/26/2016 texting conversation, 9 days ago. 2/8 – texted her still looking for the list of items sold. – replay with all medical problems going on with baby. 2/15 – texted her again it’s been another week. 2/16 – texted again – stating that every month is costing me 2000 in lost rent. 2/17 – texted again and she replied she will be home on Monday with long detail of medical problems 2/22 – texted when you will be ready to meet? No reply 2/23 – texted again saying I will hire attorney – she replies with long detail of medical issues – says she will be back Monday and maybe earlier. 2/24 – ask her to send additional money and I will give here till Monday to settle up. 2/26 – she replay that she will have list early next week if I am available. 2/28 – I text what time to meet – she says she can’t Mon or Tues. So Wednesday 4pm. 2/29 – she says wed 4pm “is good with her right now” 3/1 – I text 4pm today correct? She text – car problems she is not sure. I text I will be at chase bank at 4pm. At 3:13 she texted there is no way for me to meet. I text then send me 5000 thru quick pay. No response from her after 45 minutes so I text that she will get letter from attorney. 3/2 4:25pm Letter sent out 3/3 from attorney. Garage window broken out and garage vandalized week of 3/14 while I was out of town. 3/25 – Nothing to or from her since then. 3/26/16 – went to her estate sale in FW. She said she sent me the list and it would have been thru office depot. | I actually have never received anything she has said she has sent me. She said she did not get certified letter. But letter did come in the mail. She was talking to her attorney on Wednesday. She was concerned about her things at my dad’s house. She said I started this by not letter her get her things. Ask if those people wanted their money too and she said they had been paid. I told her house was broken into and I do not have insurance on the property. She wants to see want is left of her stuff but I do not want her at the house. I had all of the items left in the house moved to the garage so that I could start repairing the house. She would never tell me when she would pay me or how much she would pay me. Period. Just wanted to resolve this between the 2 of us. Met at Quick trip to get lists on April 19th. OMG – so many scams Ring had 25% commission instead of 10% Ring listed for 4700 not 5500 Van for 300 not 400 -and Commission on van charged when should have been net 400. 10% commission on Rolex for 3000 – supposed to be 3000 net of commission Commission on Car was based on 2700 instead of 1700 (I got this money from buyer) Net for Sterling was less (650—162.5) than the minimum of 625. Which was price of melted down CC fee of 2.5% on almost all sales – says cc accepted over $100 but 95% of sales were under $100. $45/hr. for security guard for 21 hrs. – average pay for security guard is $14/hr. Bed I bought was full price 797 not the 50% off which was what I was told all the furniture brought in was being sold for. I was charged commission on the bed that I bought from someone else. Page was missing from list. She estimated that she owed me an additional 8,900. All of these things added up to about 5,000 for her pocket. With all of these changes the additional she owed me was 14,350. Got 5000 payment 5/9 after texting 2+/day every day since 4/19. Supposed to meet at house – she moved date time and said 7am on 6/1 and that she would send me payment on 5/31. She never sent payment and I did not show up at 7am. She contacted detective. | Got another 5000 payment 6/2 after conversation with Detective weaver. Scheduled to meet 6/9 at 4pm – I had to cancel due to work. Scheduled to meet 6/15 4pm. She cancelled – no trailer. Scheduled to meet 6/16 4pm. She cancelled Dr. apt. After months of waiting she finally came back and said she had $11,000 of items at my house and $8,000 was missing so she could not give me any additional money. She listed items that were missing that I know were never at my house and items that were still at the house and even items that I had already purchased from her and had been on the inventory of things that sold. At this point I knew it was wasted effoert to continue – I sent her a certified letter to get her stuff by 8/1/2016 or I would be disposing of the things so I could get the unit remodeled. I did not hear from her again. Several weeks later, the letter was returned to me undelivered – she never even signed to get the letter. August 2016 – I have given up – after months of trying to get this resolved I am giving up.While I got some money from her It took me 6-8 months to get it with a lot of persistence. She lied and deceived me and several others during the last year. I suspect she will continue ripping people off until there is some consequences for her. 9/11/16 Ysleta is having an Estate Sale at her own house this weekend. | I know I cannot prove it but these Fiesta dishes are from my estate sale. I went to the estate sale myself. She stated that the house was sold – so I wonder if the judgment against her will have to be paid. In additions to the dinnerware pictured below, she had a old Fiesta ware book and a vase that my brother had given me that I know was mine. Detective Weaver in Arlington PD has contacted several of the people that have been mistreated. Several of us have posted on YELP to try and warn others. The sad part is that she is a criminal that has figured out a way to steal and get away with it. She is not scared of the law. She walked into court got a judgment against her and never paid it to one of the victims. That is one of the reasons I gave up – what is the pointy when she will never have to pay. She knows exactly what she is doing.   | Listed sales on ESTATESALE.ORG, ESTATESALE.COM, and ESTATESALE.NET, I have contacted all three sites. Estate Sales.ORG sales descriptions. Phase 1 Sale for an extraordinary house filled with collectibles, antiques, and vintage items Ended Sun. Nov 22, 2015. Arlington, TX Contact Info Kissing It All Goodbye (817) 795-5081 Dates & Times The sale you are looking at occurred in the past. Try browsing other Arlington estate sales. FIESTA WARE for everyone Vintage designer MCM furniture JEWELRY. 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Vintage 12.5ft.Mercantile counter TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS MCM furnishings and furniture Project Pieces Vintage Cameras/ Projectors T tons of Kitchen Large Wall Art Vintage Toy Room Musical Instruments Home Decor.. New and Vintage Albums Bedroom Furniture Clothing W/ Vintage Children’s JEWELRY Luggage Outdoor Iron/ Stone Patio Furniture Seasonal File Cabinets..W/ Vintage Butterick Cabinet Stainles Steel Whirlpool S/S Refrigerator MCM LIGHT FIXTURES Collection of Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Pewter Antiques Vintage Record Player Vintage Die cast Red Line Johnny Lightening Hot Wheels Craft Supplies Garage Shelving Units Bicycles Vintage Working Large Kitchen Appliances Read more at SbhCHf3Yq2YwJF0u.99 |

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