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Beware of KickFire

I signed up for KickFire (at the time it was called VisiStat) a little over a year ago. | It’s a SaaS product that you pay monthly for, but they REQUIRE an initial 1 year term. | I was skeptical, but the salesperson told me there would be no auto-renew and even sent a contract that stated a “12 month” term to confirm. | The product wasn’t horrible, but it certainly didn’t help us. | I expected that it would cancel after the 12 month term — because that is specifically what the salesperson told us — but I noticed a charge on month 13. | I wrote to customer support to ask they kindly stop charging us and make sure the account was closed. | This is when things got bad. | I hadn’t even logged into the system for 6 months and I was paying as agreed, but since I hadn’t cancelled a service that I didn’t even know I had to cancel, I was now on the hook for another 11 months of a service I wasn’t even using. | Apparently because I don’t have something in writing where the salesperson said it would not auto-renew (he insisted on meeting via phone so I have barely anything written), they will not honor our request to cancel the contact and insist on charging us $500/mo for the next 11 months. | This is insane. I hadn’t even logged ino the service for the last 5 months, but I kept paying because I agreed to one year and now they stick me with this. | Do not use these guys. The product isn’t worth it. The data you get on visitors is very basic, based on ISP and mostly unactionable. | Don’t believe what sales people tell you. Their contract “terms” were on a url (not in the pdf contract) so they can change them at anytime.

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