Kenneth Purnell

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Beware of Kenneth Purnell

Ladies and gents beware beware beware of Kenneth Purnell. He’s nothing but a scam artist, dead beat liar. He will make up stories about his family and will “act” like he has money! He tries to act like he’s somebody of importance, Only to find out he’s a piece of sh*t! Stay away from him. | He will start off by telling you he lost his wallet. Be very upset and convince you to you to borrowing 1,000 to pay you back in a few days because his back in California. He then proceeds to black male you so he doesn’t have to give it back. He’s a wanna be and is just trying to keep up with his friends. | The sad part is his friends have no idea who they are keeping in their company. He’s the ideal dead beat piece of sh*t that women hear about. He’s a womanizer and a liar. He’s also a stalker. He will also try to get you pregnant to trap you. Beware and be safe ladies!!!!

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