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Beware of Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Melanie Hyer was called in on my divorce case and was recommended by my ex-husband’s attorney Maria Gonzalez with Young, Berman, Karf & Gonzales. Her speciality was outlined as Probate issues. From the first communications I had with Melanie she indicated she was hired to work on both sides equally and get the house sold quickly. This was never the case! | She organized a removal of personal property on my ex-husband’s side and he was to remove only items from the garage area of my home. Melanie let him remove pictures, empty a a stereo cabinet and route through my kitchen cabinets for knives within the inside of my home. When I confronted her upon my arrival, Melanie said she would remove me from my home next if i don’t cooperate. | Melanie got my home drastically reduced by filing with the courts her recommendation based on a year old house evaluation report and comparisons on un-renovated properties. Along with what her guess at would be a maximum search amount. These recommendations where all done without her stepping on to my property and her base of operation is 50 miles away. Melanie turned down a sellers credit that was previously negotiated. | When an offer was presented and the inspection was concluded Melanie had no negotiation skills and recommended to sign off on a $10,000 credit for repairs. Repairs included $5,000 for a new AC unit which was working and inspection report indicated the unit should have an expert check it out to get a true evaluation. $3,600 to repair the roof, which I provided a proffessional quote for $850.00. | Melanie, was very unprofessional and never provided her contact phone number, her rate she was charging until I asked. When i did call her or spoke to her in person she was always rude, threating and talked over me. There was a walk-through by the buyer scheduled Melanie failed to show up and cancelled the court approved walk-through. | In the end I had to pay Melanie Hyer $3,500 for her services with a check that was issued to her personally and not to Keller Willaims Reality which is her employer. There was no benifit from using her services. | I will be taking up this matter when I find out who Melanie Hyer reports to and she is reprimanded for her actions. I would never recommend Melanie Hyer or the Keller Williams Reality Group.

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