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Beware of JVZoo.com

JVZOO employees is Sara Nightgale, the account manager has been fraudulently using inactive Clickbank accounts of all the members who permanently left Clickbank for good due to malicious activies. JVZOO has been stealing information from their members ‘s bank account, social security, and address information. They cashed in all the checks behind close door from all the inactive members so it would appear that the members who left Clickbank are still using their accounts. At the end of the year, each member will receive a 1099 form regarding an income that they were never able to collect. Identity thief has becoming a booming marke…t in the US with all the hungry low life blacks office employees. | Clickbank employees are Jutta, a black female thief, Carola, a Hispanic female. | Warehouses that supply all the softwares to you partner with grand thiefs Hispanic, white, and black truck drivers affiliates to transfer stolen funds to Russia via Western Union. All the deceiving white truck drivers and Black drivers will receive a 10% commission after the fraudulent transfer has been performed. | Beware of this scam! It’s an on going pick pocket free market exchange leaving all the members defenseless against petty thief criminals. Female office employees have stolen thousands of dollar and nevertheless, the local enforcement task force has done anything to shut them done for good! | Be very careful of Warriorplus, all the vendors especially the one from England will cheat you out of hundred of dollars. | bizprofits.hasoffers.com/ does not pay a dime! I have invested a lot of my time, effort, and money into an obvious scam!

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