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Beware of Just Flowers

On 8/8/16 I ordered a plant to be sent to a friend who had just lost her husband. I discovered on 8/14/16 that she never received the Chinese evergreen that I ordered. I called just flowers customer service & was told that they had delivered the plant. I told them that I didn’t know where they sent it, but it did not go to my friend. They said they would have the florist redeliver. I asked specifically that they wait till after 5:00 as she was back to work. I confirmed with my friend that evening that they left it while she was at work in the blazing sun. Leaves were wilted and there was no soil just a root ball. | This resulted in yet another call this time asking for a supervisor. She asked me to send pictures. I had my friend send them to me so I could email them to just flowers. When I received the pictures, I was beyond angry. I paid just under $60.00 for a Chinese evergreen & they sent an orchid that could be picked up anywhere for $20. | 00. Back on the phone & this time I was not listening to the excuses… I demanded my money back. I was told that they were not able to do that & they would call the florist (whose name they would not give me) and have them replace it. | At this point, having lost all confidence in them & the idiot florist, I told them that the florist could go back & pick up the plant, but I wanted a full refund. They called back & said that the florist did not have the Chinese evergreen & the orchid was a substitution. This is totally unacceptable… One does not substitute a $60.00 plant with s $20.00 plant. I refuse to have them try to weasel their way out of this as I have put in a complaint with my credit card company & they are looking into it. My total bill was about $70.00 & I am beyond furious with their shady practice.

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