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Beware of Judge Barbara Waxman

BEWARE OF JUDGE WAXMAN. PART OF HER JOB IS TO ADMINISTRATE THE MISCONDUCT OF THE OTHER JUDGES IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF MD, BALTIMORE CITY. INSTEAD SHE SERVES TO PROTECT THEM. SHE OBSTRUCTS JUSTICE! | I SUGGEST BEFORE HAVING ANY CONTACT WITH THIS JUDGE, READ MY FOLLOWING LETTER TO HER, WHICH OF COURSE WENT UNANSWERED. PITIFUL! | THERE APPEARS TO BE NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR UNETHICAL CONDUCT BY THE JUDGES IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND, PARTICULARLY IN BALTIMORE CITY. HOPEFULLY MY EFFORTS WILL ALERT THE PUBLIC, AND RESULT IN JUSTICE AND FAIR TRIALS, NOT A RESULT BASED ON THE WHIM OF A JUDGE, NOR HIS OR HER FRIENDSHIP AND FAMILIARITY WITH AN ATTORNEY. | ANTHONY RAYMOND | 973 Circle Drive | Baltimore, Maryland 21227 | (410) 247-0837 | [email protected].com | ______________________________________________________________________________ | October 20, 2019 | Judge Barbara Waxman | Administrative Judge | District Court of Baltimore City | 5800 Wabash Avenue | Baltimore, MD 21215 | Anthony Raymond vs. Michael Lang Case Number#: 0101-0010918-2019 | Dear Honorable Judge Waxman: | While I appreciate the courtesy of your response, you have avoided the very issues which are the basis of my complaint. | In addition to the letter I sent you, I included a copy of the letter I sent to Judge Scurti, and the letters from Geico which were supposed to be used as evidence. You seemed to indicate that I needed a lawyer to receive a fair hearing. Most people would not consider hiring a lawyer for $500 or $1000 for what amounts to a simple $150 claim for damages. Had I been allowed to present my evidence, I would not have need a lawyer. | You indicate that you listened to a recording of the trial. If that is true then you surely heard Scurti tell me twice that I could not discuss Geico in any way. In addition you should have heard me presenting him with photographs of my damages. A few years ago, at the Superior Court in New Jersey, important parts of the transcript were mysteriously deleted since they could have been a source of embarrassment to the judge and the court. Perhaps that is what has happened here? | My letter to you and the complaint to the court clearly describes the accident. Of course I did not see the vehicle while I was reversing my own vehicle. I do not know anyone with 360 vision that can see in all directions. My attention was focused on reversing, after I determined there were no approaching vehicles. I also remind you that I was broadsided, with all damages of my vehicles left side. These were depicted in the photos I presented to Scurti. These of course were ignored. | My letter to Scurti with a copy sent to you, paragraph 3 indicates my photos which he chose to not return to me. Please note the following which has been sent to you: | “Initially I gave you photographs of my damages. You refused to even look at them, and directed me to give them to the clerk. I knew immediately that my case was lost before it began. I had still hoped that my case would be tried on a level playing field. It was not. | I believe you said my photographs would be returned to me. My photographs were not returned. When you keep another person’s possessions without their permission that is stealing.”I remind you that the court still has my photos. | You state I did not produce evidence or an explanation. I brought to the so-called trail a large poster where I carefully explained the accident. Again, if you listened to the tape or read the transcript or letter I sent to Scurti, you would know this. Please note what has already been sent to you: | “Your instructions to me stated that I could not refer to Geico, nor present my letters as evidence. You did not allow me to present to the court my letters from Geico dated 12/21/18 and 2/28/19, both of which clearly indicated that the defendant’s admitted he was parked in the intersection.” | “You did not allow me to question my adversary because I couldn’t talk about Geico. Never once did you ever ask either me or the defendant, or his lawyer questions about the accident. You never questioned me about the diagram I presented to the court. You never looked at the photographs. | You did not care what I said, and refused my evidence.” “How dare you chastise and humiliate me in court by stating I did not having evidence. Without using the Geico letters, I could not prove the defendant either drove through the stop sign, or violated the law by parking in the intersection. You knew this. You did not care. You would not allow me to use the evidence I had.” | You indicated that you looked at the court tapes. Either you ignored Scurti’s refusals to allow my evidence or these statements were mysteriously deleted from the tapes and transcripts. My civil rights have been violated. I saw the Superior Court of New Jersey delete similar embarrassing passages from a transcript. I do not doubt it could happen in your court. | Scurti’s demeanor to me was not fair, impartial or courteous. I was not allowed by him to give my full version of the “incident.” At the conclusion if the trial, I tried to ask him why I was not allowed to present evidence, and to have my photographs returned. He simply ignored me, and left the courtroom. I do not know anyone who would call this courteous. You later said Scurti made his decision on the evidence presented. There was no evidence I was allowed to present. | You have avoided the primary issues my complaint, and ignored the facts. You apparently did not even read the letters I sent you. I will give you the opportunity to again review everything that has been sent to you, and the complete tape of the trial, if of course it still exists. If you need copies to the photos, expenses regarding the damages, or anything else, I will email them to you. | If you do not feel that you can address my complaint in its entirety for whatever reason, then please forward this to someone who will. Please be assured that if my complaint is not addressed in its entirety within 30 days, I will have no choice but to exercise my rights by submitting my complaint to others in the private and public sector, and pursuing other options, which could prove at the very least embarrassing to your court. | You never explained to me why was not allowed to use my evidence at trial. It is pitiful that a citizen should have to go to such lengths to receive any semblance of justice in your court. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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