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Beware of JSM Consulting, LLC

If I could give zero stars I would. | We noticed you have been trying to SEO your way out of negative consumer comments on websites. In addition it has been noticed that you wanted to turn a negative into a positive by joining ROR Verified Safe. Good for you! | Here’s what you should know. Chuck Margolis, a salesman for Ed Magedson has been using you as a reference, this at the orders of Ed Magedson. Emails are going out to business with a negative profile to try and induce them into buying the program. Did you know you were a reference? | This is a link to that email http://www.slideshare.net/shawnricheson/jsm-consulting-scam-verified-unsafe | You will notice your business name is listed in the title which will rank by Google soon and should hit front page after a few days. You can thank Chuck and Ed for brining this to the worlds attention. | To further you get you name out to the public we will be optimizing content on other consumer sites so they can also rank on front page. If you have spent any money on SEO to push back content, it may seem soon that was wasted money. | Here’s what you should also know. This link is to a hearing in Federal Court. Adam Kunz Esq in house counsel to Ripoff ROR and COO testified that ROR and salesmen had to warn potential verified safe customers that they could become part of a boycott. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGyTJSepCSE&feature=youtu.be | Were you warned Mr. Mell? How do you feel about joining Verified Safe now. Did Ed Magedson turn a negative into a positive?

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