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I’ve bought from them before and had not problem, but they must have gone downhill. i would not trust getting anything from them. | i do not think they are a scam, but possibly worse i do not think they know what they are doing. | i ordered a watch on jan. 8 for 2-day delivery. i cancelled the order on the 9th as i wasn’t sure of the model number i ordered. i did this via their website by sending in a website inquiry as directed for cancellation. | i never received contact from them, so 2 days later i sent a second cancellation note on their website. | i never received contact from them for that either, so after waiting another 2 days i sent in a third cancellation note. | not receiving ANY contact from them i assumed the order might have actually been cancelled, but then on jan. 16th i got an email that the order was being shipped. this is despite 3 cancellations and that i had ordered 2-day shipping, and this was now 8 days after the original order. | i immediately called jomashop, told my situation to a customer service rep and was told he would make sure i was not charged and cancel the order as it may not have shipped, and if it had he would direct UPS to return rather than deliver it. he said he would get back to me the next day. | i did not receive contact from him but checking my bank account there was no charge, so i expected he had taken care of the matter as he had said he would. | NOW, 2 days after this verbal and 4th cancellation of the order, i was charged for it. | i would NOT use jomashop for any purchase after this latest insane episode. i am charging this back through my bank and am livid at what i’ve had to go through with this company. unless you want the same, i’d not patronize them…in my personal opinion! as of now the charge is still on my account and i may suffer bounced checks and the like from this idiocy.

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