John Oliver Lim Liu

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Beware of John Oliver Lim Liu

John Oliver Lim Liu wrote a negative review on our company after we decided to pass on his job. | It was our perception he would be a difficult customer to deal with. We have dealt with thousands of customers and can generally can tell immediately when someone will be difficult and we reserved our right to refuse service to anyone. | John Oliver Lim Liu is a loser with a plethora of free time to go online and malign our company with a 9 paragraph negative review on a company SIX MONTHS after we chose to pass on his job. | Perhaps John is confused and doesn’t realize we do not live in China, we are not required to work for him, we are not beholden to him! | Checking further John Oliver Lim Liu’s yelp page he has the time to write > 140 reviews on companies. 14 of which he provided the same TWO star review he gave us. A company he has never used the services of!!!! I’d think twice about dealing with this guy!! Now we have to waste money on attorneys fees to go after him. | Hey John, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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