JOANN Fabric

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Beware of JOANN Fabric

Joanns has many deceptive practices in place to steal money from their customers. The online ordering system violates the FTC rule of allowing orders modified post placement by the seller to notify and give the customer the opportunity to cancel. Joanns does not leading to wasted money, sometimes up to the hundreds, on fabric now too short for the pattern the customer was using. | They say to return in store only which is a disadvantage to the elderly and disabled who cannot drive. They charge to restock their misdistributed item. Highly unethical and illegal to charge for what the customer did not order and to go against consumer law. | Secondly the rewards program has ambiguous rules. They say in the faq it can be used combined with coupons but innstore the clerks deny. I was cheated out of ten dollars this way. Secondly they show a reward valid until the 18th. The store said it was for a mission not yet over but that mission is nit awarded until the 22nd. | Obviously the reward would not be valid then! Cheated out of another $10. They do not properly train and have the rudest dumbest managers anywhere. They contradict the law and the ftc by treating a cash value reward as a coupon instead of same as cash by the consumer protection act. For these reasons Joanns should br subjected to a clas action lawsuit. | In not provided merch and failed rewards they owe me a total of $35, but a lawsuit will cost them much more and I know Im not the only one victimized. The ceo needs to wake up and get some ethics.

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