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Beware of Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies

I was scammed and my identity was stolen by this so called company name Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies supposed to be located in the United States at 1139 East Jersey Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201 and also in the United Kingdom at Winchester House 259-269 Old Marylebone Road, London NWI 5RA, UK. I applied for this so called Wrapping Specialist position on in April 2017 and Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies called me and offered me the position on the the first call, I accepted the position because I thought it was legitimate since it was on and Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies emailed me a Employment Agreement, Direct Deposit Form, and Employment Eligibility Verification Form, I completed and signed all three forms, which two of the forms had my bank account number and social security number listed. The company requested that I sign and submitt all three forms,,so I signed them through the Sign Now App on my IPad. | I am really mad about all of this, I made a police report, I also talked to a lawyer and reported them to my bank and the credit bureaus to protect my identity. This fraudulent company stated that they will guarantee you a monthly salary of $1500 plus additional $50 for each item you wrap and ship off through your local post office to customers. The wrapping paper the company had shipped to me is a birthday theme look. I only received two items at my home by UPS and I picked up one item at Best Buy in Saginaw, Michigan. This company give you a user name and a password that you cannot change, they can only change it. The user name and password is for a so called Administrative Office Cabinet, which was a daily login profile that you the employee and a assigned supervisor communicate on a daily basis, several times a day. One time the company had me go pick up a item at Best Buy and the item was canceled. I messaged and emailed my so called supervisor Martha Bergmann about the issue and she/he stated that the customer must have cancelled the order, and that I still will get paid my additional $50 bonus. | My family and friends told me to google the company and search for reviews, in the mist of doing research on the company a third item was shipped to my home by UPS and I made that the last and final item to receive from Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies. I wrapped the item and shipped it off through my local post office. Later that night I continued to do my research on the company and Google would never show nothing about this company, my family and friends told me to contact the Better Business Bureau. I finally found some reviews about this company on Google and Rip Off Report was the first site I notice, once I read all the negative reviews I took immediate legal action about this fraudulent company. I never allowed any more packages/ items to be delivered to my home or pickup any. I will continue to take legal action against this fraudulent company Jo & Hickey Printing Supplies.

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