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Website: LINKS TO PREVIOUS SCAMS: | CURRENT SCAM: JET-COIN Greg Aggesen, owner, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson, Master Distributor, and Troy Redja, top leader position, started Jet-Coin on May 30, 2017 which was a online program that took in 19,000+ members from 60 Countries over a three week period. Approximately $90 Million dollars was collected all through the use of Bitcoins. The company guaranteed a daily specific interest rate and would double your money in either 40-50 days depending on the plan you obtained. Along with this and to attract the masses of MLM individuals, they offered a no flush binary matrix plan that had up to a 25% binary bonus based on the size of your team. Claimed they had a team of 300 Crypto Currency traders in Singapore, with a second group prepared as the company grew. Claim that Greg Aggesen had a non-disclosure Agreement with the supposed owner in Japan. Any attempt for validation came up empty. After three weeks and $90+ Million dollars, the company shut down claiming technical, hacking, and other issues. The four main individuals walked away with millions of dollars each and left the 19,000+ members with nothing. The previous scam Scott Chandler and Brent Robinson started “AutoXTen” lasted two months before they left all of the members, taking millions of dollars with them. These four listed smooth talking fraudsters are chronic scam artist and need to be put behind bars and there assets depleted by government authorities, for bilking thousands of innocent people around the world. any business that they put there names to, it’s a guarantee that they will make money and you will lose money.—BEWARE

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