Jessica Filkill Kindergarten Teacher

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Beware of Jessica Filkill Kindergarten Teacher

Jessica filkill ripped her roomate off in miami. She then attempted to poison the food in her refrigerator after her roomate reported the theft to campus security. I had to drive her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. She was too scared to report the poisoning to the police. She chose to stay quiet. I followed jessica filkill on social media until she deleted her profile because other people called her out for ripping them off. I thought she disappeared but it looks like she moved away and is now on linkdin saying she is a kindergarten teacher? This set off alarm bells. This psychotic thief should not be around children! if she poisoned my friend over something as trivial as a dormroom theft, can you imagine what she would do to a child who reported her for teacher misconduct? She uses her acting class lessons to play all sweet but she is a demon in disguise. I did not know what to do about this without my friend being willing to come forward as a witness. Then i found rip off reports. If you are googling jessica filkill because she is your childs teacher be aware she has a history of theft and poisoning people. I do not know how this psycho acted her way into a teaching job with kindergartners, but if my child was in her class i would request a transfer. Hopefully someone catches her before she does some serious harm to a child.

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