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Beware of Jerry Wins

I over the last 2 months have lost and estimated $45,000 for an advisement service that was described on an infomercial on our local radio station. As many of the other Yscam have described with this company the claim to be these high profile sports betting advisement company. However, after getting to know them, it sounds as if they enjoy taking everyone’s money up front for their own degenerate betting needs. | I invested and initial $2500 to jerry and his company for the bank roll games. I then as he instructed me to do so opened and bookmaker.Eu account which he advised was totally legal and deposited $1000. The initial game he had me bet on lost, he then advised i risk another $500 and he did win the next two games for which i was able to make some money and end up with $2k. | Jerry then told me that if i paid him 5k i could have the inside information games and that i should try and get as much money in my account to bet on this game as possible. Jerry’s two games ended up winning me 15k. The next week i was told that if i could get him 30k i would be covered for the season, and if i could give him 15k up front i could pay with the winnings from my next weeks bets. I stupidly and blindly paid him, it was from there that there was only 10k left in my account All of which was my own deposited money). Jerry’s next two bets then lost my entire account worth of money. | I expressed my dissatisfaction with the whole process, and felt like i was getting scammed. I asked why i was asked for more money when jerry did not live up to the slogan “if i don’t go 3-0 on the bankroll games, you will play for free the rest of the year”. As true scam artists they spun it that the money they needed was to pay the inside guys for the games they don’t even offer to the public. Basically i felt like i buying my way into the sportsbook underworld of information, yet in reality, these clowns are just fast talking and have no morals. | After my dissatisfaction i was instructed to go talk to the “boss”, bobby edwards who would be able to help me out through the rough patch. Funny thing is after bobby conned me out of another 15k, i come to find out he works under his fake name “edwards” his real last name is “robitzek” and that he along with jerry were both arrested on charges of defrauding clients back in 2004. | All in all i was stupid enough to believe the easy money lure that they use, what made it that much worse for me was the fact that i did win big the second weekend. I feel like this all part of the strategy. Once they have you hooked and giving them large sums of money upfront, they start fading your bets, or splitting the bets between their clients. I have lost over 34k in money to g-man sports directly and lost another 15k in bets based on their advice. The best inside information that i paid all that money for resulted in them going 12-18 a whopping 40% win rate. I could have used common sense and followed the betting public and most likely had a better record. | There is no reason that they should be allowed to conduct business, and i will be reaching out to the ny attorney general as well as look into a class action lawsuit as i believe others have already begun. Please beware and do not believe their scam!!

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