James Pawlowicz

Phone: 949-903-4133

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Beware of James Pawlowicz

James Pawlowicz recently left his pregnant girlfriend and unborn child, without any notice or warning. He towed her car, removed all the furniture from their home and left her financially strapped to deal with their pregnancy on her own. He has done this before MANY MANY times. He left his ex fiancĂ© while continuing to live with her and sleep with other women in front of her, after being engaged for 3.5 years. He has given women stds. He uses women for sex, gets what he needs, and leaves them destroyed. Moving on to his next victim. He has never spent more than one full month without having a woman in his bed to keep him warm at night. He has back ups that he calls in betweein “relationships”. He carnallite rally charm the pants of you, promise you the world and a lifetime of love, and hen he WILL leave. To read all of the horror stories, click on the link below. You’ll find photos as well so you know who you’re dealing with. Don’t be fooled like all of the other women.

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