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Beware of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

1st problem- first time i worked for them they kept screwing me around on a run i wanted. i put orientation off 5 different times. finally i told them no. i accepted another job from another company and while i was in orientation they called and told me they had my position. i told the recruiter my status and told him that they better not be lying to me because i was leaving that employer and if this fell through i had no job and nobody to go back to. he swore to me they had it. i left that oreintation. 2 days later when i was preparing to leave for orientation he calls to tell me a 1 day rehire knocked me out of that position. i tried to go with what they could set me up with from that point and they asked me to run a job that i needed hazmat and i told them i wasnt getting hazmat and he told me not to tell them that or they wouldnt accept me on that route. after 3 weeks i had to quit. | 2nd problem- they called me a month later with a new position. it was ok money and at first it was somewhat ok hours. over the course of 3 months every day just got worse and worse. pay stayed the same, days got longer, ended up being stuck out in a hotel room on a home daily account several times. i had a 5th wheeler pin puller that i had purchased with my own money come up missing and when i told my fleet manager it was missing there was no attempt or offer to replace it on behalf of the company. fleet manager could have cared less. | 3rd problem- i had a step fall of my truck while i was en route to make my deliveries. i contacted my fleet manager as soon as i noticed it. i was instructed to call safety and file a claim which i did. 3 days later my fleet manager informed me i had to do a conference call with myself, fleet manager, his boss, and Mr. Safety Clown. my fleet manager asks some questions. i gave honest and forth right answers. he asked if anyone else had anything. everyone was good except Mr. Safety Clown who tried to turn it into everything except the issue that brought all of us together to begin with. he tried to roast me for all my “unsafe practices that were cause for automatic terminbation” which was everything that came after the step falling off their truck (which had been damaged and fixed before but it was very obvious that something that previously happened to it) and had nothing to do with the reason why the step fell off. i told them i would make it easy for them, i turned my 2 week notice and hung up on the conference call. i was still running my route and was low on hours and had to get back. so Mr. Safety Clown decides to talk to me after i had hung up and tells me im fired over the phone but im not on the other to hear it cause i had already turned my 2 week notiuce and hung up. then after all is said and done they go and falsify information and charge me with a preventable accident stating i hit something. the only thing they have supporting this whatever they decided to make up and put on my record. there is no police report, there is no damage done to any other part of the truck. why? because it never happened! the step fell off the truck, simple as that. but its all about the lies, deceit, dishonesty, the crookedness with this company. | the worst part is im a prior service military member and in their mind they pride themselves on being all about the veterans. well they stole from me, they lied to me, they lied about me, they falsified reports about me and they disrespected me. so i would warn any driver to stay away from this company for your own good. dont ruin your career by signing up with this group. but if your veteran, you need to stay as far away from this company as you can get.

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