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Beware of InvenTel

I purchased a mirror cam in November 2017 as a Christmas gift through HSN. Unfortunately, it stopped working in mid January 2018. Because it was a Christmas gift and not opened until the end of December my husband was only able to get less than a month worth of use from this faulty product. Initially, I contacted HSN who directed me to the manufacturer. | Let me tell you, the customer service was abysmal and disrespectful. In a gist, the woman with the heavy Indian accent told me that she couldn’t do anything, that too much time had elapsed even though the product had been used less than a month and that it was not Inventel’s problem. She said I needed to take it up with HSN. I didn’t even want a refund… simply only to have whatever faulty problem fixed. The woman did not even give me a chance to express that. She said “you can tell HSN I said that. We’ve already told them we will not be dealing with these problems” of which I responded, “are you not even concerned about your customers’ experience or your company’s reputation?” Of which she responded, “it’s not my problem” and then hung up on me. | I was able to call HSN back told them about my experience where they assisted me in lodging a complaint about the company while also giving me a credit for the horrendous experience I had just received. Hopefully enough people complain so that their product will no longer be sold there. Had I known this company, I would have not purchased this. I guess that’s why they try to sell through other distributors. Terrible product and terrible company lacking any sort of ethics. Taking consumers money and placing blame and responsibility on other companies.

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