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Beware of Interstate Specialty Marketing, Inc.

In Nov 2013, I enrolled in a retirement savings program, which included a life insurance policy for $100/month – split between my savings & the policy. After 1 year, I had the option of increasing or decreasing my contribution. Whatever amount I would choose, it was to be split between my savings & the insurance policy. After the 1st year, I never made changes & continued contributing $100/month. In early 2016, I realized I couldn’t contribute $100/month anymore. Thus, I contacted the company to make changes. To my surprise, I found out that they had received a signed document where I supposedly authorized changing my contribution, after the 1st year, to 80% of the $100 going towards buying higher life insurance coverage & only about 20% towards my savings plan. This upset me because I would’ve never chosen anything like that. I have always wanted to save money and not buying a costly insurance policy. Therefore, because I know I never signed anything, I requested proof of the signed paper. To my surprise again, I was provided with a document with a forged/fake signature. I couldn’t believe my eyes that this organization had made a decision based on a document I never signed. When I proved to them that I had not signed anything and that the signature on the paper was not mine or even close to the way I sign, I requested a refund of my monies. I opted not to continue having such a scamming company mishandling my funds. They roundly refused to accept their mistake but they did realize that my signature on the original paperwork is not the same as the forged one but they don’t want to listen or pay attention to my claim anymore (though they know they mismanaged my funds based on a fake signature). Hence, I come to you for help & assistance. I funded a total of $2900 of which only $765 went towards the savings plan and $2135 towards buying unwanted higher insurance that I never agreed to. Please help me because I’m afraid others may fall into this trap. We can prevent additional frauds. Thank you!

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