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Matthew, called me from 313-265-2426, I didn’t get to the phone quick enough, so I called back. He accused me of receiving a payday loan for $500 in 2013, deposited into my Chase account. He said he is a mediator for Sagamore and the thing I need to do is pay the money and be done with it. He named a former employer Strategic Security, told me the last four digits of my social security. I denied the charge, told him I am not paying this money, I am not going to be intimidated by him, and if he or they bother any of my finances I will get a lawyer and sue. He said, “ma’am, I am more intelligent than you think, and you telling me you will get an attorney doesn’t intimidate me either. ” Then he hung up on me. He or some one is still making calls because when I went on your site there were 2,128,555 complaints, mine added one more, before I could get to this box it was 2,128,563, probably more now. Track the thieves down please.

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