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Beware of Instant Credit Loans

They told me that they can get me a loan for 2500 and that I was to purchase a Walmart card put $200 on it to show that I can pay my loan on time every month then they called back and told me that it was blocked because of my credit score and at $300 on to another Walmart card I didn’t want to go get another car so I just told them I didn’t want the loan anymore and to put my money back on my Walmart card which they didn’t want to do they also threatened me and told me not to call the number again I even tried to ask for the address and it was the wrong address when I Googled it I also know that they are not located in Houston Texas just buy the story that they were telling due to them not telling me the truth I contacted Walmart to see where the money had been taken off and they told me it was a purchase made on and it clicked in my head that they purchase things off line and return them to the store so they can get the money for what they purchase online but I was able to stop the transaction in time when I contacted Walmart and they cancelled out the card that I purchased at the store and then proceeded to send me a different Walmart card so they wouldn’t try to do it again

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