Instant Checkmate

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Beware of Instant Checkmate

Discovered my wife’s credit card had a $28 per month charge from Instant Checkmate for the last six months. We never used them, never signed up for anything from them, nada, zilch, zip. Had our credit card company issue new card number because of this scam outfit. Internet search finds huge numbers of people reporting similar incidents with this scam company. | Worse, the search info they do provide to customers is frequently inaccurate with things like criminal records that don’t apply to the individual. It seems that trying to "opt out" from them selling your private info also doesn’t work. FTC hit them with a huge fine in 2014 for their criminal activities yet they are still stealing from people’s credit cards and ruining people’s lives by providing bogus information. | Where is the FTC? Where is the DOJ? Why are criminal outfits like this one allowed to continue stealing from innocent people and destroying their lives by providing false information? It’s a shame. The mafia types running this company deserve more than just huge fines. They deserve to be BEHIND BARS!

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