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Beware of Instant Checkmate

I needed to find out some info on a shady aquaintace of mine, so I figured that Instant Checkmate might be able to help me out. WRONG! I signed up for the basic membership, for one month, as the price was a little over $10.00! So I began to do my background search on this person at Instant Checkmate, and all that it did was give me the run around! | So on a hunch, I decided to do background checks on a few people, and they all came back with the same preset answers, except for their adresses, phone numbers, and DOB. The lack of info on their background checks was faulty, as I know these people, for example had some run ins with the law and none of it showed up in their report! | Also, my debit card was not billed Ten dollars and change, as was stated in their one month fee, but was billed over $50.00 due to hidden fees! This whole set-up is a sham and a fraud! This “company” is run by unscrupulous people to say the least! I would like to get my money back!

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