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Beware of Inspire Kids

I went for a tour to this facility looking for a daycare for my three year old son, I rang the door bell numerous times and no one answered and no one was sitting at the front desk. After about four more attempts of ringing the door bell a teacher finally answered the door and told me to wait for the director, I stood in the front for about another 4 minutes and a man came to the door he was very intimidating and looked like He didn’t want to be bothered. He told me to wait in the directors office while he found her, the office was a mess papers allover and there was no where to sit. Finally the director came in and was telling me a bit about the school what age my son was has he been in school before if I was looking for full time . | As the tour began we went from room to room and she was explaining about their school and their curriculum. As we were touring the classrooms were messy, dusty, toys not put away. As we approached the room Where they do art, that would of been where my son would Be placed, the teacher in that room looked like She didn’t want to be bothered with the children not smiling not engaging just sitting at the table watching the children we visited a few other rooms, as we passed a office in the hallway the man who answered the door was sitting at his desk his shoes were off and he looked like he was sleeping he smiled and closed the door. | We finished up looking at the classrooms before we went out doors, we went to the top of the parking lot where they have a outdoor place with trees and houses, toys were allover the place and it looked vet unsafe for children to be , where it is set up its by a very busy intersection , if the teachers don’t pay attention a child could run onto the street , as we finished the tour the director rushed and acted again like she didn’t want to be bothered to answer my questions . I would not send my child to This school, the teachers looked like they were not doing anything the director said in their curriculum kids were just having free play and coloring or just walking around teachers had their backs to the children and weren’t engaging with them. | I want a warm place for my child to attend where he can learn and grow to get ready for school. This school did not give me that impression at all, especially with the man that was sitting in the chair with his shoes off, to me that is unprofessional and children should not be seeing that he was actually very scary looking. To me all the people in the building looked like they didn’t want to be bothered not one of them Spoke to my son. I would not recommend this facility to anyone. I also checked out their website it is horrible and there is no information on it to describe the school. My girlfriend and I immediately started looking for preschools for our children and this school would not be my choice

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