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Beware of Insight Financial Solutions, LLC

I was contacted by Insight to help me with my IRS situation. I hired them for how much they told me it was going to cost. $2500. About six weeks go by and a different Insight representative contacted me than who I had been working with on my case about needing more money. It was more extensive than they thought, IRS needed more forms filled out etc. So I paid another $2500. Another six or eight weeks go by and same person calls again… Getting close to a settlement he said… but we are gonna need more money… So I paid… yes, sad to say. Another $2500 so at this point I’ve paid $7500 total and Insight and staff still haven’t finished what they agreed to do for $2500. Some time goes by and I don’t hear anything from anyone at Insight.. So, I call them, knowing that everytime I all them, it costs me more money because they are “working” on my issues. | Anyway, I call only to find out that i now need to talk to someone else and I start from the beginning, it takes a couple weeks but they get up to speed on everything… Then I get a call from some senior executive telling me they need another $2500 to complete the case. Next thing you know, he’s yelling at me to pay or they will hold everyting hostage because they have a power of attorney. So I like a ding dong, pay again. That’s $10,000 I’ve paid in a few months. | After a few months of nothing productive coming from Insight I decide to call the IRS myself. I talked with a very nice lady at the IRS and was able to cut off Insight’s POA and ended up finishing up all issues by myself with the IRS. I was told by Insight staff that Insight staff had received bonuses because of how much I was paid for how easy my issues should have been to resolve. | I hope everyone who reads this takes it to heart. Please hire anyone else but these CROOKS, if you aboustly have to hire someone for tax issues. | I truely wish this prevents just one person, from being taking advantage of by these liars and thieves!!

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