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Inherent Beauty

Inherent Beauty had an advertisment on the net for FREE TRIAL Offer. Pay only shipping and handling. I filled in the requested information and activated Send Email Order. 4-days later I received 1.5 oz of Revitalizing Serum along with a free trial of YS Cream, which I did not order. | There was No invoice enclosed, no thank you enclosed, no notice of charges, no return policies and no written agreements. | 30-days later my credit card was charge $89.85 noting BAU*Graciouseyecre. When I discovered this erroneous charge I call the number 888-273-5959 and the csr wanted my SS in order to file for refund. Of course I did not give out that info. The next day my bank called to tell me there was another charge for $89.50. | I called Inherent Beauty’s other number 888-239-5985 and asked for a manager “to stop the charges and give me a refund.” The obnoxious person said that I should have read the small print of terms and agreements that were on a different web page. He stated no refunds, no returns and they would be charging me for a third shipment which I did not order and they would be charging me another (3rd) $89. | I called my credit card company and cancelled my card and asked the card company to challenge all charges and stop all payments. | I feel this was a bait and switch and fruadulant marketing scam. | DO NOT FALL FOR these sleazy business tactics. This company should be shut down by the California Consumer Agency.

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