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Beware of Independent Movers

My wife found this company through yelp, and hired them after seeing all the positive reviews. She had a positive experience the first time, and I was not presently. Let me be clear that I am the money-earner. Today we completed another move, and I got to witness Dave’s “work.” I described the goods to Dave on the phone initially, and was given an approximate price of $1900. I thought it a bit high. So, we moved a bunch ourselves, and made a couple of trips with our own trailer. I re-took pictures and asked again for an approximate cost to move the goods. | I was given an indication of “$1200-1300.” Still, in this price range, I could have hired a U Haul truck, the same 26 foot Uhaul truck Dave uses for “Independent Movers,” for $300 plus gas, when I checked online. Then, I could hire my own guys on Craigslist to move. Apparently, just like Dave, when I googled his phone number. So, I was not aware that I was being charged $160 per hour for guys I could have gotten myself for probably less than $20 per hour. I’ve hired plenty of guys on Craigslist, so it’s not riocket science, and what Dave does isn’t rocket science, either. | He packed and wrapped the goods, as you should, but for the mark-up he demands, you could buy all the blankets you could even want, and still save most of your money. The two guys he brought were obviously hired off Craigslist. One of them must have barely been 18 and the other was a bit older and slow-moving. And Dave? Well, Dave was Dave, “supervising” between phone calls and texts. While the ladies (ie: my wife) might be impressed with all of the “hustle” going on, they don’t realize the true cost of all this is but a fraction of what’s being paid, and it can easily be done yourself, so don’t be fooled, and guys, don’t let your wife talk you into it. | You’ll regret it, later. And, you’ll be bringing up the cost of the move for months to come, and even with your marriage counselor, if it comes to it. Dave won’t care. He’ll have his money and he’ll be long gone. And for follow-up service? Fuhgettaboutit! He’s been paid, so he’s gone. No receipt, no trace. But he DOES have plenty of “reviews” on Yelp, and when I message these people- NONE of them respond! What does that tell you about the authenticity of the “5 star” reviews on Yelp for Dave’s company? Beware of ANY company that only has 5 star reviews. 4 stars is more realistic. | My wife got suckered into this garbage, and it cost me $1000 more than the price “should” have been, when Dave happily accepted payment from my wife, as she intervened from a certain FIGHT that was about to happen between me and Dave, as he tried to charge us $500 for the guys to drive back to their home. I checked the law- and the law says, per Public Utility Commission, that a mover is supposed to charge for the drive time from your house to new house and double it. Instead, Dave charged for the time from HIS house to HIS house. Lawyers call it “portal to portal,” and in addition to being illegal, Dave uses it to pad his bill. Don’t be fooled by these clowns. Do the move yourself, and run your own Craigslist ad. I’ll even give you the wording for Dave’s Ad, because I’ve used the same to find my own guys to do moves. Just insert your own name: | Independent Movers is looking for an experienced individual that knows the ins and outs of moving household/office. Clean DMV & valid CA License required. Looking to hire the right person immediately. The job would involve heavy lifting as well as customer service, occasional packing as well if experienced. We are movers the size of the job does vary so this position can be anywhere from 30

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