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Beware of Independent Living Aids LLC

My wife’s grandmother was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. As if it’s not bad enough to be diagnosed with a condition that will cause her to lose her sight, then she has Independent Living Aids LLC rip her off. Let me explain. She no longer can read the newspaper or her beloved crossword puzzles without the aid of lights and/or magnifiers. So this poor widowed woman trying to struggle with this condition contacted Independent Living Aids LLC and purchased a $180 floor lamp that is designed to help her read things easier. She got the lamp which was poorly packaged and then something that was supposed to be “easy” to put together was absolutely horrible to put together, because one of the screw holes(which it only has 2), wasn’t the right size, and the screw that came with it didn’t fit. She had to purcahse another screw. We got it together finally and plugged it in. | It worked great, for 1 HOUR then it totally crapped out. We tried 4 different bulbs, and none of them worked. It just crapped out. The company has a 60 day return policy that says if the item is not satisfactory they will take it back and you only have to pay a restocking fee. Perfect! Except that after she called and they said they would take it back, they called her the next day and said no, actually, it’s broken, we won’t take it back. So if it’s not satisfactory they’ll take it back, but broken they won’t? Hmm… Oh, and by the way, this was less than 7 days until she finally got it together and then used it for the hour and then it died. So 7 days is much less than the 60 days they have posted on their website. They have a similar Google Review about a clock they sold to somebody who is vision impaired. Seems like this is a regular practice for them. They want this poor elderly woman to eat $180 because they are a lousy company with a lousy product. Buyer Beware! They take advantage of disabled and elderly. Oh, and btw, we got management involved and they wouldn’t take it back either. This is unacceptable!

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