Idea Buyer, LLC

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Beware of Idea Buyer, LLC

Idea Buyer is 100%pure fraud. They advertise as experienced and deliver inexperience. They advertise as professional and are 100%unprofessional.They will promise you that your product will be on store shelves in"about" 6 months and have you sign a 2 year contract. Once they receive your money, you will be strung along with incompetence,inexperience, and immorally unprofessional results that are passed off as contract deliverables, or until your contract expires. If you have been cheated by them. Contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office through their 800 number online or email them online. Ask that your complaint be kept there, otherwise, it will end up at the BBB. Tell them you have already been to the BBB, or you will waste months with the same results. Nothing usable. They are currently helping me and other cheated customers. Now is the time to contact them! We all need to unite through the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. Now is the time for action and you chance for your voice to be heard! If you have been cheated by these scammers contact the Ohio Attorney generals Office Now. They are listening and helping many others now.

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