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Beware of Hughes Estate Group

After trying to collect on a $15,000 debt that Craig Hughes owed me after I loaned him this due to the fact that First District Copurt Judkins issued a Court order for Craig Hughes to stop improper billing of esttate funds and froze thos assets so that Hughes could not gain access to them, this is one of many unprofessional and extremely distastful e-mails I received from this (man)….. | Why will Hughes not answer my questions regarding his legal misconduct? I asked Craig Hughes why a Judge would place a Court Order against him from gaining access to trust funds…. His anser was anything but professional. Thank goodness for paper trails. | Why was there a mass exodus of attorneys from his firm that left after the Court order was issued? | Why did he ask for all of my inheritance in front of one of those attorneys who left his office? | Why did Craig Hughes charge triple of that charged from Stephen Jewels office? | Hughes gave a challenge to find one estate attoreny who would agree with me. | Well Craig, there were two who left your office because they didn’t like your ethics. | Perhaps your answer to a sanction 9 will help your memory

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