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Beware of HSN, Inc.

I was watching HSN Coin Collector show the night of 11 Jun 2017. A set of 3 PF69UC Silver Eagles coins of three different mints on sell, we’re two of the mints normally not making the coin for the year. Hot items this year, due to what the US Mint has been doing this year with coins. I placed my order, and started waiting for my coins. I received a call from HSN, saying that there is a delay in shipping my order. Today I received my order, and did a double take. The three coins were mint state, not proof coins. Plus, the special one day only label was just the regular label, like normal coin gets. What a Rip! So, I stuffed them back in the package. I taped up the box w/label sending it back to HSN, and a note of how much I appreciate the job done. I am now waiting for a reply from them, which I figure will say I ordered the wrong thing. I am betting they oversold the original item. They are trying to cover their a*s, and figure people wouldn’t catch the swap. Wrong!

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