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Beware of H&R Block

I woke up on March 10, 2017, to text messages saying that over $800.00 was spent on my Emerald Card. I immediately called my local office who gave me the number of the fraud department. I was assured that my money would be replaced almost immediately after I spoke to these people. I spoke to three separate reps. The first told me I had to file a fraud claim. No problem, Inwas absoloutely prepared to do this. The second told me that my money would b replaced and even had me complete a survey at the end of our discussion, which ofcourse after hearing all money would be replaced I was more than happy to give them a gleaming review. However, I began thinking that I had deleted my texts the night before so more charges than I had originally thought could have been on there. I asked a third rep to please give me my transaction for the month, being the 10th, it was not so much of a request. I noticed hesitation in her voice and low and behold, I was rigght. It had actually began on the 8th and there were about 2 transactions that I did not make. The thing that bothers me is that I asked the first two reps about ITunes and gaming purchases as I did not make any of those, in fact, I have never owned an IPhone, and wonder why tney did not reveal these purchases. Also, when the fraud claim came it only had 1 of the many transactions. I physically added the others that I had on my phone myselfm Moreover, I was denied a copy of my purchases becaise it was not the end of the month, but the card had been cancelled so obviously no more charges would be made to that account number. My advice.is…if U have to get the Elmerald Card, dump the money in your bank account as soon as possible because I am findimg hundreds of cases just like mine on the net.

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