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DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES On 8/18/2015, I called while I was in Cancun about booking a room for two nights starting the same day, 8/18/2015, at a price matched with another website off of through (I wanted to stick with as I have used their services for several years now and like to add up Hotel stays for their advertised 10th night free.) For those nights, was charging $849.37 for two nights, and was charging $500 for the same room for two nights. | I was on the phone for what seemed almost an hour with that rep, who verified the lower advertised price, and promised that the price would be matched per their policy. She checked the Website, reverified all matching facts, and then said that I would need to Book at’s stated price of $849.37, and they would credit the difference of $350 in the next few days. | She made the booking over the telephone. Please note 1) I also have phone records showing that I spent nearly an hour trying to reach them and talking to them on the phone on August 18; and 2) when I was on the phone with, my partner was also in the room with me and heard everything that was discussed as well. | A few days ago, I checked my bank statement for the credit and noticed they never credited me the difference. I spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining what happened to them; they claim to have no notes or any record of ever promising to credit the price difference. They refused to believe what I told them. My partner came on the phone to verify the same incident, but it made no difference to them. They said I needed to provide a screenshot of the lower price for them to credit the difference, however, I did not take a screenshot of the lower price at the time as I was told by the rep that everything was taken care of through her own personal verification, and they needed nothing further. I also spoke to a Supervisor and was told that they would not do anything about this as they have no notes from the phone conversation I most certainly had. They even blamed me for waiting one month to call them, which I believe is irrelevant to the matter! | That same day, I checked for another same day, two day booking, and the total price is $473.38, all taxes and fees includedsimilar to what I had seen that day. I am frustrated and becoming very upset as I have now spent about 2 hours on the phone with them, and am now having to write this upwhich is more of my time. I wish I had just booked with instead to avoid this whole mess! It is absolutely dishonest of the company to advertise a guaranteed Price Match policy, tell a customer that they will be credited the difference, require the customer to book at their significantly higher rate with a false promise of crediting the difference, and then refuse to follow through on that promise. This is an unfair business practice, and absolutely fraudulent if not corrected.

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