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Beware of Homes 4 Lease

hello!we took a house on lease from them in april 2013 .location of that house was 8113 nw 84th st okc ok 73132 we paid one advance rent of 1350$ and security of 1350$.we lived there for 4.5 years and signed lease again n again.they increased rent every year and we were now paying 1562$. in 2015 my husband got some misunderstanding and paid them extra 50 dollar rent every husband always went there to pay rent so i could n’t know about it earlier and when i knew i contacted them to refund i even attached all the checks from every month bank statement to give them proof of extra money they did nt reply instead they started sending bills of | plumbing services like 100$ for opening the kitchen drainer which took them just one min to open.i have all my emails still with me.finally we left this matter when they did n’t reply because it was not easy for us to move at that time. then in feb 2017 we bought our own home like we bought a lot and construction process may 2017 our lease finished and we signed a move to move notice i have proof of july my husband went them to inform that we will move in end of aug and aug will be our last month.they did nt say him to sign a moveout notice.again when he went there on ist of aug he remind them again.there was a old lady barbara who took him to manager and | said her to note that its the last month of him.the lady,we have seen here there from 2013 even said we have your advance rent so don’t pay next rent.they did nt offer any moveout notice to sign.then on 31st of aug my husband went there to give keys same ladies kept it quietly but later someone called me he was talking so rudely i was shocked bcoz i dd nt knew why he was so rude i called my husband he said he has delivered keys but later same man called him too he went there again bcoz we even did nt know what happened why he was so rude.2 men there fought a lot with my husband.they cried at top of their lungs on him that you did nt give written notice.we are going | to court.he came but then i tried to contact owner told him everthing he said dont worry abt rent you were excellent with me.dont worry bout legal action.i have his all emails.then no one contacted us and we thought matter is solved but on 18th of aug they sent a bill of 3450$.they kept our security and asked 3450 more from us.we lived there 4.5 one came just once for carpet cleaning and paint or any maintenance.we called a professional carpet cleaner even when we left and we cleaned carpet many times too during our 4.5 year stay.still they put carpet and paint charges on us.they took insect spray and mowing charges too while we had done mowing after every 15 | days.we were v new and did nt know about the things they took false pics like they knowingly put lines on walls.they took false pictures.but our fault was we did nt take pics while moving out andmoving in.we did nt know about these things.carpet and paint was nt new even before we move.there were some stains on carpet from the start but as we did nt have pics when we moved in they put those marks on us.capet and paint has fulfilled their life 4.5 years with us then they were not new in start.but what shocked us most is they asked for oct rent from us.please note they sent charge sheet on 18th oct and asked for oct rent of 1562$ with late fee of 50$.their invoices were on their letter head | .those were the same invoices they sent to us in 2015 when they were taking 50$ extra every month.means they can put charges of their choice on their invoices.i googled abut them they never give back security and threaten everyone to go to court. i tried to negotiate with them so much but in start they did nt reply and i even said i want to meet you but she said just pay other talks.they never showed me actual invoices and just showed fake pics.i live near to that house i know how much time they took to clean but bcoz they have fake proof and we were unaware of these things we paid them 3600$ after they sue. now we paid 1350$ advance rent,1350$ security .1562 | $ oct rent with a late fee of 50 dollar while we left the house in end of aug we were not in lease we were month to month contract.and 50 dollar late fee while we rcvd charge sheet on 18th of oct.and 1860$ for carpet and paint.and 200 dollar for sue fee.we did nt want judgement on our credit as we own a small business. we even think of all this as horrible experience and tried to forget it but today i called bcoz i did nt rcv my oct bill of water and they told someone from homes4lease called them to stop our services from our current house and continue it for previous house.i have paid all the bills of that house till end of bcoz of all this mess stopped service from | this location and now assigned me a new account number and asking 194$ for transfer took me so much time in writing all this but i still did if only one get any benefit from our experience i will think that i did my duty.we said everything they said but stopping our current services is beyond can check their reviews on google and also cases pending in the court.this is their usual way to treat.i wish i can give rating in minus.

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