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Beware of HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation

I would like to share our disastrous experience with Home American Mortgage Company with as many potential customers as possible. We recently moved from Atlanta, GA to the Orlando, FL area. In June 2016, we found a community that my wife and I agreed to have a home built by Richmond American Home builder. As part of their incentive package, they required customers use their mortgage and Insurance companies. This was a mistake, but we could not get the incentive if we did not use their mortgage and insurance partners. | Starting in Oct 2016, we started providing Home American Mortgage with our financial data to get a preliminary approval for the mortgage we needed to purchase the home we selected. During the process of submitting the financial documents required to determined our credit worthiness, our primary mortgage broker Bruce was over tasked or was just unprofessional by his lack of responsiveness to our emails, phone calls or texts. This was a sign of bigger things to come. | About two months prior to scheduled completion of our home, we started inquiring about the loan approval and concerns about rising interest in January and February 2017. Bruce (mortgage broker) and Khrista (Loan Processor) were very unresponsive to emails, phone calls, texts. Therefore, we had to contact our sales representative to find out what the status of our loan. Eventually, we began to receive emails from Khrista in early January 2017. But, during the final 30 days before closing it was almost impossible to get in contact with either Bruce or Khrista. Finally, two weeks out we received a closing date of Wednesday, March 22, 2017. We were excited to get this mortgage process nightmare over. But little did we know the nightmare soon turn into a horror ordeal. After having not return any of our phone calls or emails, Bruce calls and leaves a voicemail on Friday, March 17 at about 6:00 pm to say our loan has been denied two business days before closing. | This mortgage company has all our financial documents for months and decided to wait until two days before closing to say our loan was denied. How unprofessional, incompetent, and disrespectful can this process be. If we did not qualify, at least provide your customers with other options in a timely manner. The reason for the denial was excessive obligation. Unfortunately, this was not true. We were putting down over $200,000 on the house and was requesting a loan amount of $295,000. We had over $9.000/month income. Plus, 401K, IRA and DCP. | Since the loan was denied, Richmond American Home offer another Mortgage company. I requested that Bruce forward our loan package provided to Home American Mortgage to the Secondary Mortgage Company suggested by Richmond American Home. Unfortunately, Bruce did not have the common courtesy to forward our loan package to the other mortgage. Fortunately, for my wife and I, and despite what the under writers at Home American Mortgage determined, my wife and I were blessed to have the financial strength to pay off our home in full and still closed on March 22, 2017 as scheduled. My advice to any home buyer seeking a loan, I would stay away from Home American Mortgage Company, they are incompetent, unprofessional, and a lack of respect for their customers.

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